At a Glance

Who says you can't time the market? Just view some charts and you will see many exhibit a cyclic nature on a short time frame. This behavior is neither random nor part of a longer term trend. Stocksaurus consumes chart and fundamental data for each stock to time the market with daily buy-sell indicators (signals). Stocksaurus uses technical metrics such as moving average crossovers, price volume analysis, wedge and pivot patterns, etc., and pattern learning algorithms (artificial intelligence) to determine an optimized trading strategy for each stock. This is a great tool for those:
  1. Investors looking for good entry points
  2. Investors that want to leverage the cycles inherent in their portfolios but do not want to learn technical trading or study daily stock charts
  3. Those traders who like to trade around a core investment position that want both automation and higher performance than that typical of rule, pattern and "buy and hold" strategies.
  4. Traders seeking recommended Buy-Stop Limit order price, Break-Even price and Stop-Loss Price based on each stock's statistical behavior